Do you feel stuck?

Feeling stuck for me means that i've usually made a decision in my life that I'm unsure about. This decision was usually made in fear. Fear because I'm scared of change- so i make a decision based on comfort. Comfort is what i already know and I'm familiar with, to venture beyond that comfort feels scary and unknown. It could be fear of what others may think of me, so i make a decision based on what i think others would 'approve' of, so that i can feel 'accepted'. It could be fear that I'm not good enough, so i don't bother to make any decision at all because the fear of failure weighs down on me so much.

Being stuck means that i go through my days either re-living the situation and hoping i could find a way to go back in time and change what i already knew wasn't right for me, or ignoring my life completely. Living on auto-pilot. Doesn't that sound like an amazing way to live??? NOT!

I've realised that if I'm ever going to learn from this fear based decision making, and move on from it, then i need to start living in truth and love.

Living in truth means being honest with myself. It’s amazing how many times i have convinced myself that I'm doing the right thing. Yet, if it truly was the right thing i wouldn't have to convince myself it was.

When I'm making a bad decision in one aspect of my life, it snow balls into other parts of my life. I have a big weekend out with friends and spend more money than i intended too, so i avoid looking at my finances and continue spending, feeling like crap so trying to compensate by eating ‘feel-good carbs’ (Nutella- I'm talking about you!). Then i feel bad for eating bad so i don't bother working out, so i get lazy, and cant be bothered with doing anything… I'm sure you get it, it spirals out of control.

So when I'm stuck i need to be honest with myself. I need to sit down and be real about what has happened and take ownership. I need to OWN my bad decision. Thats the first step- to acknowledge the mistake, then i can learn from that mistake, try to make changes so that it doesn't impact me negatively anymore and move on.

One of the methods i use to make the right decisions in life is to make a to-do list. I write out my lists so that they are very simple and detailed. I find that the more i can mark as completed the more it keeps me motivated to keep going.

What method do you use to get un-stuck??

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