Embrace fear, Move on

So what happens when you let go of your fear and just go with the flow?

What happens when you get over your insecurities and just accept what is to come?

What happens when you finally stop caring what others think and you just live your life?

You start being happy every single day! Good things start coming your way without ever realising it. It’s almost like shedding your old dull layers ready to show the world your true colours, who you really are and that you are happy with you are.

I know exactly what day it was for me. During a mediation, i had all these feelings come through. So much sadness, grief and pain. It was feelings that i had because i was grasping at my old life with every bit of energy that i had. I was so afraid that letting go would somehow make my life worse. When i finished that meditation i felt like crying. I didn't cry, instead i started to write my feelings and work through them.

I figured out that i needed to accept the fear of change and turn it into anticipation of all the good coming my way and hope of love entering my life.

I was so worried that what was coming in to my life wasn't going to make me happy or be good for me. As soon as i realised that thought, i realised how stupid i felt to feel that. What could be the worst thing to happen if i did move forward with an open heart? It wont make me happy? It doesn't feel right? Big deal! That just means that i have learnt something new in my life and i move on.

We tend to think that if we try to control the outcome of a situation or our future then we can control our happiness. We tend to think that we know whats best for us rather than just letting the universe bring to us what will truly make us happy. It is only through letting go of control and just going with the flow of life that we truly begin to live.

One of my favourite quotes that i try to live by is:

You must give up the life you planned

in order to have the life that is waiting for you

At this point in my life i am learning to embrace the fear of the unknown, and i am loving it! Embracing my fears has led me to being the happiest i have ever been in my life.

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