Welcome Back!

It’s taken me so long to come back to my blog and to write another post. I was putting it off, not feeling motivated and even unsure of what to write about. Everything I was feeling and going through, I couldn’t put into words, into a blog post. The words just wouldn’t come.

I was not feeling motivated in most aspects of my life. Two weeks ago, I changed all that. Every morning instead of waking up out of bed and forcing myself back to sleep because I wasn’t feeling motivated, I got up, told myself that today is going to be a good day. I got dressed and went for a walk, at least 1 hour in Manly. Slowly, each day, each walk, brought me back to the motivated life I’m used to living,

I realised that I allowed myself to fall into a funk. One where I allowed life to happen all around me. I just moved through the days, not accomplishing anything.

I forgot how good exercise felt. Seeing the ocean every morning just recharged me and had me ready to tackle my days with gratitude and love. To take care of myself in all parts of my life.

Today marks the start of week three of waking every day and eating healthy every single day. With only one cheat meal each week, I cook pretty much all my meals. I have cut out dairy, which was an intolerance for me that I chose to ignore for so long, and I’m even slowly cutting out coffee.

I’m now blogging again which I love to do, I have relaunched my website, and am going to be releasing some special life coaching and mentoring sessions soon. I have so many great business ideas that I’m working on every single day.

I’m now loving my life. I’m choosing what I do every day and how I want to feel. I no longer allow external factors to control my day and my emotions. Its ok to stop and re-evaluate, to fall into a funk, to ignore my responsibilities. If your struggling to come back to that happy and healthy lifestyle, don’t be overwhelmed. We don’t need to change everything in one day. We just have to take one day at a time, and make sure that for today we do what feels right.

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