Your story. Who are you?

We create stories for our lives. Usually it's unintentional and we don't even know we have created our life story.

Our stories are usually made up of our parents beliefs that we were raised with and the experiences we have had in our lives.

My story used to look something like this:

I am not good enough. I should be grateful for what I have and I shouldn't ask for more. There are so many people who have less than I do, so I should be happy with what I have.

I should always be careful of the decisions I make because people will judge me and will talk about me. I don't want to disappoint those around me. I have to accept that working at a cafe is all I will ever do, even though it doesn't bring me happiness and job satisfaction. Im too old to start studying again so I should accept that I wont have the career that I actually want. Plus I should already have known what I want to do before I was 30 and be working in that field by now.

My story was so limiting. I didn't believe in myself at all. It was full of self doubt and left me nothing to desire of my future. I had basically given up on my life.

Once I realised that the story we tell ourselves about who we are and what we want is so important, I started to want to change my story.

Who are you in your story? Have you painted yourself a victim? A loner who can never find friends? A failure? Unlovable, so that you can never find a wonderful and loving partner? If this is the story we tell ourselves and we keep on reading it, it's what we believe. We end up sabotaging ourselves. Always asking “Why me?” “Why cant I ever have friends, love, a great career, happiness…?”

My story now is full of hope for my future, determined to succeed and to be happy, not to just settle because I don't want to upset anyone. It clearly states what I want my career to be and the kind of partner I want.

The more detail you put into your story, the more you believe it and the more likely you will change your life.

Read your story often and out loud if you can. Words are so powerful, so choose the right words that you give this power to.

Here is my updated story:

I am going to work as a health and life coach. My clients will be open and wanting and ready to change their lives with my help. Being a health and life coach is my career, it will fulfil my professional goals.

I will make enough money to support myself financially and be able to save money as well. I will be able to take holidays each year, to experience new cities and cultures.

Through my work I will have the motivation and tools to live a healthier life. I will meditate every day, I will exercise and I will eat healthy.

My relationships with my family and friends will be strong as I live through love and truth. I will have love and support around me.

I will have a partner in my life who loves me unconditionally. He will provide me with security by being open and honest with me and communicating with me. We will support each other through our lives. He will call me on my bullshit and together we will grow to be better together.

I can’t wait to experience all this, every day in my life. I love my story and who I am.

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